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MicroSilver BG™ – The innovative combination of substances for use in cosmetic products

Electron microscope photos of the structure of the highly porous MicroSilver BGTM

When skin care becomes a problem

The number of people with sensitive skin or who develop an intolerance to customary preservative materials is growing from year to year. Inflamed and damaged skin is the result. Such inflamed skin is not only more sensitive but has also a clearly re­duced level of natural antibacterial resistance. As a result it has often an increased population of patho­gens which hinder the healing pro­cess and are also responsible for the itchy feeling. Scratching can lead to even worse and more painful inflammation – a vicious circle for hygiene and care conscious people.

At last real help for people with skin problems

Care products with the innovative combination of substances MicroSilver BG™ from the house of BioEpiderm added to them are the perfect elixir in such cases. The unique substance-combination MicroSilver BG™ is based on the use of finest silver particles. Integrated into cosmetic products MicroSilver BG™ releases silverions in minute quantities throughout the day which are sufficient to kill patho­gens or inhibit their further growth. The silver particles are manufactured in a purely physical process, whereby no additional, possible skin irritants or allergenic chemicals are used.

Centuries of knowledge coupled with new technology

The antimicrobial effect of silver has been known for centuries. For example, silver compounds were used for the water bottles of the Napoleonic troops to ensure that the soldiers’ water stayed fresh longer. Silver has gained entry into medicine in the form of silver-nitrate for eye drops used to prevent infections in new- born babies. The germ reduction by silver is greater than that of most modern preservative materials. In fact, the antibiotic activity is surpassed since silver can also kill off viruses and fungi in addition to bacteria.

Cooperation with the renowned Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

In the combination MicroSilver BG™ silver is a universal innovation in the fight against bacteria, fungi and germs for more protection and well being. In cooperation with the renowned and internationally known Fraunhofer Gesellschaft* a very complex and intricate development and manufacturing procedure – based on 15 years know-how – was developed. As a result this precious metal can now be used beneficially for skin applications. The silver used is not a silver-ion compound but the metal in its purest state. In a purely physical vacuum process - a procedure which was especially developed - sponge - like silver particles are manufactured which develop a steady natural biological activity in the raw material of cosmetic products. The silver is micronised for as long as is necessary until a highly porous structure with an extremely high porosity and large surface area results. As a result only minute quantities are needed to achieve the desired antimicrobial action. The optimal dose attacks the micro organisms and has no negative effects on the skin cells. The micro particle MicroSilver BG™ does not permeate the skin and thus, it can act on the surface of the skin. This valuable feature has been proven clinically.

*(The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft conducts application-oriented research for direct use and to the advantage of consumers. About 80 research units are active at over 40 locations all over Germany. Approximately 12,700 employees, predominantly qualified in natural science and engineering, deal with the annual research volume of over 1 billion Euro)

The suitability of MicroSilver BG™ for cosmetic care products has been tested and confirmed using recognised procedures by the Dermatest and Fresenius institutes:

  • Tested for microbial stability according to the European Pharmacopoeia
  • Tested for cytotoxicity according to ISO 10993
  • Tested for skin compatibility in standard testing on guinea pigs

Since MicroSilver BG™ does not permeate the skin’s barrier thanks to the micrometer sized particles, it is suitable for all dermatological and cosmetic purposes and can be added to:

  • Creams, ointments, gels and lotions for the care of sensitive skin
  • Shampoos for sensitive scalps and dandruff
  • Deodorants in the form of sprays and rollers to fight odour causing bacteria
  • Toothpastes to protect against mouth infections and halitosis
  • Sprays to fine-coat panty liners, nappies, diapers, wound dressings
  • Powder and drops to put on and in wounds
  • Lipsticks to protect against cracked lips and blistering
  • After shave products to calm the skin and prevent inflammation

Innovative combination of substances with exceptional test results

Integrated into dermatological formulas MicroSilver BG™, even in low concentrations, releases it´s caring and preventative action while demonstrating very good compatibility. It acts in a gentle and safe way thus relieving stressed skin in need of regeneration. The exceptional antimicrobial activity of MicroSilver BG™ with the important and essential long depot action has of course been clinically proven and is already being used in multiple medical products such as wound dressings, bone cements, dental materials as well as coating for implants.

Numerous areas of use

Reports on care and successful cures in connection with silver have been documented for the following symptoms (s. also Josef Pies, ”Immun mit kolloidalem Silber, VAK Verlags GmbH”): Acne, dermatitis, furuncle, fungal infections, herpes, impetigo, rosacea, warts, genital warts, eczemas, cracked or chapped skin, neurodermitis, skin diseases with inflammation, insect bites and stings, piles, itching (skin or anus), fungal infections of the feet, smell from sweaty feet, sunburn.

  • supports wound healing and soothes abused skin
  • ideal for calming irritated skin
  • skin revitalising in cases of skin irritation and appearance of aging
  • increases skin elasticity
  • inhibits inflammation, relieves skinredness and itching
  • strengthens the natural resistanceof the skin
  • maintains the natural skin flora
  • destroys odour producing bacteria

Care products with MicroSilver BG™ –the protective skin for the skin

MicroSilver BG™ boasts exceptional product features in a universally unique quality and allows preventative care without resorting to the medicine chest – the calming cosmetic for dry, sensitive skin that has a tendency to inflammation.

BioEpiderm – the partner for the cosmetic industry with a sense of responsibility

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