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Novel Injectable Biomaterials and Drugs for Localised Therapy – Kuros Biosurgery has appointed Euro Japan to secure licensees and partners in Japan and Asia-Pacific. The versatility of the Kuros technology makes it ideal for addressing a number of therapeutic areas, including spinal surgery, dermatology, drug delivery, and infection/pain control.

Plant Research International is currently offering specific opportunities relating to:

Natural Products for Osteoporosis, Dermatology and other Indications
Herbonis AG is seeking a partner to support further development of therapeutic drugs and functional foods derived from plants rich in vitamin D-metabolites. In return, the partner will receive marketing rights for products successfully developed from this work.

Revolutionary wound treatment for foot ulcers
Ark Therapeutics plc is seeking a suitable Japanese partner for their product 'Kerraboot'. It is already CE marked in Europe and has been listed with the FDA, allowing it to be marketed in the US. Marketing has just started in the UK.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies
Euro Japan is developing expertise in this area and is keen to talk with companies that have a direct or indirect interest. Chris Taylor, who has been following the hydrogen sector for almost 10 years, has written the following overview of the sector.

• Past events

Special Invitation to Smart Card Centre Open Day (Venue - RHUL near Heathrow, UK on 10th September 2004)
The ISG Smart Card Centre will hold its first Open Day. Practical demonstrations of products and technology plus a prestige lecture from a distinguished guest are planned.

Beocarta speaks at Japan Association of Animal Cell Technology, Tokyo, 20/11/2003

KYPHON at Spine Across The Sea, Maui 27/7/2003

SEEDA 'Secure Communications & Transactions' at YRP 10/7/2003

SEEDA 'Secure Communications' at Waseda University 8/7/2003

Christopher Jackson of Euro Japan spoke on ‘Challenges and Expectations of University Technology Ventures’ at the 11th International Symposium of Waseda Entrepreneur Research Unit, Tokyo, 3/7/2003

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Successful Collaboration Between Meiji Seika and Beocarta - 1/12/2001

• Publications

'The Opportunity Posed By Changes in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Sector for UK Outsourcing Companies' (Commissioned from Euro Japan by the Exports to Japan Unit, British Trade International, May 2000)

'Development of ICT in Japan' (Series of sector reports produced by Euro Japan in conjunction with Japan Insite for European Commission DG III, Spring 2000)

'Health and Nutraceutical Food Business in Japan' (Published by Euro Japan, September 1999)