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Market Entry Strategy – Development & Implementation

Reliable and relevant information is perhaps the most important resource for any company wishing to develop a successful market entry strategy for Japan. Moreover, in order to overcome shortfalls in both linguistic ability and knowledge of the local market conditions and business environment, it is sensible for companies to find local help for their market entry plans.

As a small but dedicated company, Euro Japan is well-placed to assist with the coordination of the study and, if appropriate, the implementation of the results. Unlike the large consultancy firms and trading houses, our loyalty and motives are never in question – we are always committed to putting our client's best interests first. This means whenever appropriate we will recommend that other specialists be involved, either introducing them directly or employing them on our client's behalf.

After defining the objectives of the market entry and being fully briefed about the product or service by the client, we generally structure the market entry study to address the following issues:

  • Government regulations

  • Market analysis, including main players and competing products; customer list; pricing; and growth prospects.

  • Identifying any existing trends and/or potentially new market opportunities.

  • Comparing the client's product/service with those of local market players, to identify any competitive strengths or weaknesses.

  • Pricing & profitability

  • Existing selling tactics

  • Business-to-business relationships

  • Distribution

  • Advertising & promotion

  • Financial projections, including start-up costs, personnel costs, office rental, construction costs, land costs, 12 month budget, 5 year income statement, cash-flow forecast and break-even analysis

Although desk research can supply some useful background information, we strongly advise that this be supplemented by adequate field research including interviews with a variety of individuals, companies and associations that we agree should have an interesting perspective to share with us. Either after completion of the study or in parallel to it, we remain available to represent our client in negotiations with potential partners and to undertake various tasks that become necessary as the market entry project moves forward. In some cases, our liaison with head-hunting and employment agencies culminates in our client company hiring their own staff and establishing their own office. In other cases, the client may sign a distributorship or other agreement with a company identified by us. In all cases, we are very careful to ensure a smooth transfer to the new representatives, and we remain available to perform a supporting role if required.

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