Our Core Services

Pro-Active Marketing & Business Support

This service is generally provided to companies and institutions that are either new to Japan or have had business links for many years, but wish to market themselves in a more structured and efficient fashion. Euro Japan provides this service to a small and select roster of clients with non-competing interests.

Unlike commercial agents or general intermediaries, we take a measured approach, investing time in understanding each client's particular requirements in order to achieve business success. By working closely with our clients as a team, we are able to both identify exactly where the best business prospects lie and undertake appropriate marketing action.

The following provides an outline of some of the scenarios facing our clients, and some of the reasons they value the support of Euro Japan.

Client A is only able to visit Japan once or twice a year for short periods, but wishes to make the most of these visits.

Euro Japan is able to monitor existing relationships and develop new ones in the time between the client's own visits, ensuring that our client's time is put to the best possible use.

Client B has already generated significant Japanese business over the years, but wishes to improve liaison with existing clients, at the same time as developing new business links.

Euro Japan is very familiar with the high level of service Japanese companies invariably expect from their business partners and suppliers. When we become involved in existing relationships, we are careful to ensure that we work in such a way that both parties are able to appreciate the added value of our involvement.

Through our wide network of business contacts and our maintenance of an extensive database on Japanese companies, we are able to develop appropriate new business links with real potential to lead to profitable business for our clients in the short term. We are well-known and respected by a large circle of Japanese business contacts, which gives our clients added credibility and does away with the need for multiple meeting at the "getting to know you" stage.

Client C realises that the timing of approaches made to prospective new clients is extremely important, and recognises the potential value of an on-going marketing presence.

We have in place a number of systems in order to maintain regular but unobtrusive links with our client's prospective customers and other Japanese business contacts. In this way, we are able to ensure that our clients are properly considered by potential customers/business partners at the very time when they have a specific need or are making a relevant strategic decision.